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Our Team

CEO Alex Jiang
Alex Jiang
Ada Peng
General Manager, Hecian Service Ada Peng
Director, Technical Center Joe Chiu
Joe Chiu
Emily Ding
Creative Design Director Emily Ding
General Manager, Boutique Div. Cynthia Wang
Cynthia Wang
Amy Chen
Project Director Amy Chen
Project Director Wendy Wang
Wendy Wang
Gladis Wang
General Manager, Residential Div. Gladis Wang
Project Director Will Lian
Will Lian
Phil Zhang
Project Director Phil Zhang
Marketing Director Ken Luo
Ken Luo
Helen Sun
Design Manager, Technical Center Helen Sun
Design Manager, Technical Center Lancelot Xie
Lancelot Xie
Yongjian Wang
Quality Director Yongjian Wang
Manager, Aesthetic Craft Workshop Zhongxing Li
Zhongxing Li
Wen Zhou
Manager, Intelligent Prefabrication Workshop Wen Zhou


Whole Process  Management

Whole Process Management

A space is presented as a common result on which the level of integrated solutions encompassing construction would have great impact. It's our responsibility to co-ordinate all stakeholders including Client's nominated vendors. Time is money and essential to the programme. Communications consume a great deal of energies so the secret of saving costs is to choose the right people at stake and suitable products.



We have been accumulating rich hands-on project experiences and have proven track record serving World's top 500 enterprises.



We are committed to providing our clients with Total Solution. Our design services contain due diligence, requirement analysis, planning, schematic design and etc. in order to implement the design perfectly. Good design enables true cost-saving and better embodies branding and corporate culture. Creating a space for lifestyle as well as work is our goal.

Value  Engineering

Value Engineering

We are good at analyzing budget from client's perspective. Trust is the foundation of transparency and the most important yet time-saving measure in business co-operation.



In light of customer satisfaction as first priority, Hecian team aims to achieve client's goal by team efforts. Our technical center is our backbone to solve technical problems. Our commitment and professionalism are two key factors that make sure the success of your project.

Facility  Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

We have a dedicated, professional team covering multiple cities nationwide that makes sure the maintenance service is effective in timely fashion. The periodic analysis and feedback from the maintenance team will help our clients reduce their operating expenses. Hecian Service strives to raise the service standards to exceed client's expectations.